Video Transcription Your Way

Video transcription, AKA production transcription, transforms film content into text format. The written account is a transcript containing the spoken words and, at times, important non-verbal cues.

Video transcription functions to accurately capture conversations and post sound effects accompanying the visuals. It translates what is being said into the visual native language of those watching.  Thus anyone from around the globe benefits including those who are hard of hearing or deaf.

Production transcription is useful for many industries and for various modes of media.  T’NT explains the many professions who benefit and the multiple uses for video production.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry employs production transcription for movie and television studios.  Production transcription functions to meet rigid television networks or production studios deadlines for video fabrication teams.

In the movie and television industry, transcription is commonly utilized to type up interviews, television or movie segments, commercial footage, and various kinds of media footage.  Here are just a few of the multiple ways producers find transcriptions helpful:

Film Studios
  • Proving to film studios the progress of their motion picture
  • Precisely convey content and dialogue
  • Documenting camera shots and angles
  • Processing time codes during editing
  • B-Roll Logging
  • And providing text for language translations.

Television Networks
  • Video recordings of commercials
  • Closed Captioning
  • Reality TV
  • Natural Sound (NAT)
  • Broadcast Scripts

Educational Organizations

Video transcription not only enhances film and TV producers’ jobs but also teachers and school administrators, professors and academics in universities.  Academia utilizes video transcriptions to reference:
  • Academic sessions
  • Online courses
  • Interactive video transcripts
  • Video lecture courses.

Corporate Organizations

Professional transcriptions produce high-level accuracy video transcripts to effectively serve and transcribe:
  • Business meetings
  • Webinars
  • Interviews.