English is Not Number One Anymore

You’ve heard it before. China is becoming the powerhouse of the world. Well it is here. English is no longer the most spoken language in the world. The English language is now third behind China (including all its vernaculars) and Hindi.

The global market is not only changing, but staying. The gap is narrowing between your neighbor next door and your neighbor in Italy. Even if you don’t speak Italian, more companies are coming to the rescue and understanding this worldwide space.

Transcriptions ‘N Translations (T’NT) understands the increasingly globalized economy and solves this dilemma by helping customers increase their presence in the global market. Our highly trained and educated multi-lingual staff ensures your service needs for subtitles; translations, transcriptions, and closed captioning are met.

Our amazing team is constantly learning and we like to share the wealth of knowledge. We stay abreast with current trends and one of the latest developments is Microsoft’s collaboration with Skype. The Skype Translator is software that recognizes speech, translates text-to-speech, and offers real-time speech translation.

According to Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, it is the acknowledgement of the global economy that has encouraged Microsoft to develop real-time speech translation for Skype users.

At the first Code Conference hosted by Re/Code in May 2014, Nadella and Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President of Skype, tested the new software during a phone call to a German-speaking friend. The telephone call was a success thanks to the translation services offered by Skype Translator.

Though the service is pre-beta, there is little doubt as to why the services are needed. In the international business market, business calls regularly take place between Chinese, Hindi, and English speakers. Since Skype handles approximately one-third of all calls between international business partners, it was a no-brainer for Microsoft to team-up with Skype. Having transcription services that automatically translate speech during these calls has the potential to save companies valuable time and money.

Though the technology offers exciting possibilities for businesses, Skype Translator capabilities are not without flaws. The technology is new and has bugs to be worked out before commercial release.

Businesses are highly competitive and lull in speech is frustrating and costly. For this reason T’NT preserves company success with affordability and precision for all your transcription, translation, and subtitling services.