Video Transcription: Its Many Uses and Benefits

What is Video Transcription and how is it commonly used?

Video transcription is the process of converting the spoken word and audio contained in video to text. A transcript is the written record of everything that is said in a video, often along with various other non-verbal sounds. For example, with TV shows and movies the entire conversation is transcribed or copied into the text document along with a description of the sound effects that are part of the story on-screen: “thump,” “whistling” or “off-screen laughter.” The transcriptions are then used as subtitles on the TV show or movie, allowing the hearing impaired to enjoy the shows they love. Transcription for use in subtitles also allows people from all over the world to watch their favorite shows in their own language by translating it from one dialect to another. All translations can be made from a single video transcription.

Additional uses of Video Transcripts

Video transcripts are also used by the production team during the making of the movie or TV show. Producers have to meet strict deadlines and the transcripts provide a way to show the networks or studios the progress that has been made. as Video transcripts also serve the purpose of documenting camera angles and time codes. Time codes are very important because they permit editing and help the entire production team meet the strict requirements of the time slot.

Transcripts are very useful for search engine optimization of video stored on the internet. When a transcript is uploaded to a website like “YouTube” together with the corresponding video, search engines better understand the videos because of words contained within the text of the transcript thereby increasing traffic to the videos. Search engines cannot “see” what the video is about, but it can “read” the transcript, grasping certain search terms. In some cases the video will start at the point where the search term is first introduced. Video transcription has been found to be useful in a number of areas, including but not limited to, academics, business meetings, music, interviews, and commercials. These types of transcripts are often used for documentation or training purposes at various schools, universities, and by corporations alike.

It’s important that Video transcription be completely accurate in order to serve any or all of the purposes discussed above. Thus, it is best to find an expert transcriptionist who is highly skilled in video transcription to assure the proposed transcript is accurately and professionally prepared.